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Scaffold Builder's Community

Micro-Course #1 – ScaffoldTALK Welcome & Layher Decks and Gap Covers

In this course, we’ll introduce you to Layher Corner Decks, Low Profile Decks, and Gap Covers. You’ll learn where and how to use Layher’s range of decks and gap covers to reduce risk and increase profitability...

Course Available
Benefits of Layher Protect

Micro-Course #2 – Layher Protect System Scaffolding

In this course, you’ll learn about Layher Protect System Scaffolding, including Protect Panels, Walk-Through Doors, and their Special Uses. Find out how Protect System Scaffolding helps insulate the job-site to the benefit of workers and pedestrians....

Course Available
Metal Toe Boards

Micro-Course #3 – Layher Metal Toe Boards

In this course, you’ll learn about Layher Metal Toe Boards, compatible with the full range of the Layher Allround system. Learn about the role toe boards play in site safety, the benefits of metal over wood alternatives, installation details, and how to...

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ACR Layher Roof System

Micro-Course #4 – Layher Roof Systems

This course provides a look at Layher Roof Systems including the Keder Roof, Rolling Roof, Fixed Enclosures, and the Cassette Roof. Layher’s range of roof coverings provides protection with built-in options for accessibility to match changing needs....

Training - ScaffoldTALK Micro-Courses

Our Scaffold Builder Community is dedicated to knowledge empowerment. It is our aim to advance your skills to utilize Layher's scaffolding innovation to the fullest on your jobs. Every course offered will take less than 10 minutes to complete and includes three to four videos, each under 2 minutes long.

Your enrollment into the Scaffold Builder Community — ScaffoldTALK — allows you to go through
our micro-course training on your own time schedule.
And, just to sweeten the deal, we have added quick quizzes and the opportunity to win Layher swag.

Harold Parker
Harold Parker - Corporate Trainer & Site Support Manager

Layher’s innovation team is your team.  We live for scaffolding and we love scaffolding.  Our goal is to share our productivity tips, scaffolding innovations, and know-how with you.

Harold Parker has been training scaffold builders for 29 years. Through these micro-courses, he shares his best practices, insights and tips.

Layher is focused innovating for success.  Innovation that strengthens performance, safety and profitability. We will be featuring products, accessories and highlight the best insights from our formal training and demos.


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“We exclusively use Layher product because it’s the best product out here.”
Al Ferreras
Operations Manager of East Coast Rigging and Scaffolding of Florida
“Guys in the field […] always choose Layher.”
Dave Darling
Co-founder of Summit Access Solutions of Caledon, Ontario CA
“Layher will always be my primary choice of product.”
Michael Strickland
Scaffold Sales Manager at Pyramid Scaffold Service, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
“Layher is the only firm we trust to keep pushing the quality and innovative products we need ...”
Arka Chorbajian
Skyline Scaffold, Vancouver British Columbia